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Probably Scotland is one of those places in the world where you can’t resist visiting the again if you have been here once. The way its landscape views unfold is simply unmatchable. Not only is the place home to rich history, magnificent castles and dramatic scenery, Scotland also houses Outlander sites, roadside attractions and epic trails. You can spend some quality time while going on an island hopping tour or shopping.



Being in Venice is itself the most rewarding thing to do. Nestled around the beautiful scenery, majestic views, magnificent skyline, and amazing lifestyle, the place is enough to gift you good memories and the best trip of your life. We would recommend you to witness the grandeur of places like St. Mark Square, Campanile di San Marco, and Rialto Bridge. And, yes, don’t forget to enjoy the Gondola Ride through Venice as it is worth it.



Known for its iconic doom-shaped rooftops, dazzling water and majestic architecture, Santorini promises you with a different and unique experience altogether. It is place that travels with you even if you have left the place, so is its majestic beauty. You will get a chance to scroll across the red sandy beaches, dip into the hot spring, encounter the magical sunsets by Caldera or simply enjoy some mouth-watering Greek food.



With over 2500 years of history, Istanbul is the land of extravagant culture, magnificent landmarks, bustling nightlife and some awe-inspiring views. The blend of modern lifestyle and primordial tradition is simply an example for the rest of the world, and probably one of the major reasons why it attracts innumerable tourists every year. In simple words, visiting Istanbul means embarking on culture trip set up in the modern ambience.



The city of a thousand spires, Prague is surely the mystic city of Europe and draws almost 4 million visitors every year. Home to some splendid architectural exemplary work with Gothic and Romanesque touch, the place invites you to explore its hidden beauty in the best possible ways. You can go exploring the Old Town Square, scroll across the Charles Bridge, enjoy witnessing the Old Jewish Ghetto, spot the 7 foot tall Sigmund Freud or take a cruise to Vltava.



Despite being termed as the financial capital of Switzerland, Zurich has a lot more to offer you. The land of marvelous museums, hot culture and bustling history, the city attracts travelers form all across the world. The skyline of Zurich is attractive and promises you with an unmatchable view. If you are tired of hopping on from one place or other, you will find a lot of food joints and restaurants to serve you some delicious food.

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