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Terms Condition

Important Notice:

This webpage of Hellotoursandtravels.com enlists the details of the terms and conditions of the company. We, Hellotoursandtravels.com, request you to read our terms and conditions before using our services or accessing our website, by any chance. If you are accessing our website (Hellotoursandtravels.com) or using our products, services and is able to take information or view graphics, it will signify that you have read our terms and conditions carefully and you completely agree to each of the conditions or terms enlisted by us. Just in case, if you partially or fully disagree with the terms and conditions, it is recommended to you to stop using the website of Hellotoursandtravels.com or its products and services.

Changes in the terms and condition:

We, have all rights to bring changes to or modify the terms and condition without any prior notice. And, if the user continues to use our services even after the modification in the terms and conditions, it will be considered that you are agreeing to our modified terms and conditions.

Intellectual Property Rights:

We don’t authorize the visitors of the websites, our clients, customers or users to access the website of Hellotoursandtravels.com and its products and services for any non commercial purpose. Hellotoursandtravels.com do not approve you or anyone else of copying, replacing, distributing, transmitting, displaying, implementing, reproducing, publishing, authorizing, or producing unoriginal works from, or trade any content or products of the website or its products and services.

Account Protection

It is the responsibility of the users to protect their accounts by using the strong password, and not share it with any third party as keeping the password confidential is important. And, if the user fails to keep it confidential, it suggests the breaching of the terms and conditions. If by chance, the user finds that due to some unforeseen circumstances, their password isn’t protected or is hacked, he or she needs to inform us immediately so that we can take further actions on the same.

Payments and Pricing

Hellotoursandtravels.com holds the complete rights and authority for changing the pricing or the payment mode and we do not assure you about the same, until you have done the booking. However, if the booking is done on a particular price, the payment mode and pricing would remain the same. Also, if by chance, we did not receive the payment, before the due date, we have all authority to cancel the bookings by then.

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