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Privacy policy

This webpage discloses the privacy policy of the website Hellotoursandtravels.com. We would recommend every user of Hellotoursandtravels.com to read our privacy policy in detail before accessing the website or using our products or services. If any chance, you do not agree with any part of the policy, it is best to stop accessing our website while refraining yourself from using any of our products or services offered by us.

Modification in Privacy Policy

We, Hellotoursandtravels.com hold the complete right and authority to bring alteration and modification in our privacy policy any time, and we are not liable to provide any prior notice regarding the same. As soon as we update the webpage of our Privacy Policy, the modified policy would immediately come into the effect. If we find that the user is accessing our website even after the modification is done, it will be taken into the consideration that the user is agreeing to our policies.

About Privacy Policy

In this webpage, not only will we disclose our privacy policy of the company, but we will also ensure about all the information that we collect from the user and how do we safeguard or use them. So, if you are still accessing our website, it suggests us that you are notifying our company that you give us the right to collect the information, be it through direct or indirect means.

Information that we gather from you:

Our main aim of collecting the information is to offer better customer service experience since we use them for future references. There are two different ways through which we collect the information of the users. While the first way is direct and in this the customers themselves provide the information, the second one is indirect in which the customers are unaware of the information we collect.

What information do we directly collect?

The information that we directly collect from the users include the general or basic personal information. And, these are that information that the users themselves provide us, be it at the time of the registration of the account or while signing up. The information includes name of the user, their postal addresses, contact numbers, email addresses or in pin codes. At the time of booking, we also collect information about the co-traveler or the co- passenger. We may or may not ask about the gender, age, likes and dislikes for further reference.

What information do we indirectly collect?

Yes, we do collect other list of information related to you which you are unaware of while using our website. But, in this privacy policy, we do mention all the details about the information that we collect automatically. And, it includes, the browser type, your IP address, your system’s details, your search preferences, your internet service provider, Operating System, and the unique device identification number. We might also collect the time, region or date on which you visited our website or clicked on the link of our website, be it from anywhere or from any platforms. We also collect the details of the number of times the user tried to visit or reach our website.

What information we don’t want from you?

Despite the fact that there is lots of information that we do collect from our users, there are still a lot of information or details that we don’t want you to share with us by any means or platforms. We would recommend you to not give details about your political opinion, criminal background, beliefs, social security numbers, and so on.

What do we do with the information that you offer to us?

We, at Hellotoursandtravels.com make sure that you don’t have to worry about the information we collect from you. The main objective of collecting that information is because we want to provide you better search results and customized services. These are data which are stored in our systems for further usage.

Safeguarding the user’s information

We ensure that all the details provided by our user to us are 100% secured with us. And, by no means, we will ever share your details to any third –party. We totally understand how precious this information is for you, and we appreciate that you believed in us. So, we promise to not disclose these information and we keep them as confidential as you want it to be.

Choice to not share the information

Even after we guarantee each of our users with complete security and confidentiality in protecting their information, it is the user’s call if they want us to collect those information or not. He/she may opt out from the same anytime they want.

Third Party Links

Our website does offer third party links, but they are only for the reference purpose. And, we refrain ourselves from promoting any third party websites, links or services offered by them. We do not endorse their products, beliefs, ideas, or services.

In case, if you have any issues or queries regarding the privacy policy or terms and conditions of Hellotoursandtravels.com, you may feel free to reach us. You can directly call us on the number specified on the website or email us.

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